Please note: Due to CoVID-19 there will be no talks / guest seminars until probably the end of the year.

SFB 863 Events (for list of talks please scroll down)

23.05.2022 SFB Final Workshop 23./24. May 2022 Schloss Hohenkammer This is our final workshop of the SFB 863 where we will discuss our recent scientific results. We look forward to meeting you after all the Corona lockdowns.
06.09.2019 Nano-Bio-Physics Symposium 2019 CeNS Festkolloqium Stretching the boundaries of physics, one molecule at a time
17.07.2019 3rd Student-organized Symposium on "Forces in Biomolecular Systems" Schloss Ringberg List of Keynote Speakers and Schedule
20.11.2018 SFB Workshop Schloss Hohenkammer Interner Workshop vom 20.11. - 21.11 2018 um den aktuellen Stand der Teilprojekte zu eruieren sowie den weiteren Fortgang zu diskutieren
25.09.2016 2nd International Symposium Venice (First Information Here) Venice International University List of Guest Speakers
13.12.2015 2nd Student Organized Workshop on "Forces in Biomolecular Systems" Schloss Ringberg
16.10.2014 SFB-Workshop Schloss Hohenkammer Vom 16. - 17.10.2014 findet auf Schloss Hohenkammer ein interner SFB 863-Workshop statt, um den Stand des Projektes sowie neue Ideen zu diskutieren.
25.03.2012 International Symposium Venice International University, Venice The 2012 International SFB-863 Workshop takes place in Venice from 26th to 28th of March
10.07.2011 1st Student-organized Symposium on "Forces in Biomolecular Systems" Schloss Ringberg All participants will be able to present their work, the best abstacts will be awarded with talks and there will be prizes for best poster / best presentation. In addition, there will be special events such as career council and a SFB 863 T-shirt competiion. On top, we have a number of excellent guest speakers from the US and from Europe.
05.11.2010 SFB-Workshop Schloss Hohenkammer Als wissenschaftliche Auftaktveranstaltung des SFB 863 findet von 04.11. bis 05.11.2010 ein Workshop im Schloss Hohenkammer statt, der eine Plattform bieten soll, um sich Łber den Fortgang der Projekte auszutauschen und neue Ideen zu entwickeln.


07.02.2020 Isabella Guido Isabella Guido Biopolymers and motor proteins for biomimetic active systems
31.01.2020 Eric Dufresne Eric Dufresne Growing Droplets in Cells and Gels
24.01.2020 Edouard Hannezo Edouard Hannezo Mechano-chemical Models of Epithelial Monolayers
10.01.2020 Nick Stephanopoulos Nick Stephanopoulos Hybrid self-assembled Nanomaterials from Proteins, Peptides, and DNA
20.12.2019 Piere Rodriguez-Aliaga Piere Rodriguez-Aliaga A Finely Tuned Molecular Motor: Mechanochemistry and Power Efficiency in the AAA+ Protease Machine CLPXP
13.12.2019 Maxim Igaev Maxim Igaev Subnanometer Mechanics of Microtubule Self-(dis)assembly
04.12.2019 Cécile Sykes Cécile Sykes Cell-like Membranes are Shaped by Actin Dynamics
29.11.2019 Kerstin Goepfrich Kerstin Goepfrich Synthetic Cells: De novo Assembly with Microfluidics and DNA Nanotechnology
25.10.2019 Jaime Agudo-Canalejo Jaime Agudo-Canalejo not available at present
07.10.2019 Hernan Garcia Hernan Garcia Non-Equilibrium Regulation of Chromatin Accessibility and Transcription in Development
25.09.2019 James R. Sellers James R. Sellers Mechanical Properties of Nonmuscle Myosin 2
26.07.2019 Christof Gebhart Christof Gebhart Quantitative Single Molecule Imaging in living Cells and Organisms
12.07.2019 David Zwicker David Zwicker Active Droplets in Biological Cells
07.06.2019 Rhiju Das Rhiju Das Computational Design of RNA Structure/Function
10.05.2019 Christoph A. Weber Christoph A. Weber Physics of Active Emulsions: Control of Droplet Ripening
03.05.2019 Urartu Seker Urartu Seker Self-Actuated Synthetic Biosystems: From Biomedicine to Nanomaterials
12.04.2019 Henrike Niederholtmeyer Henrike Niederholtmeyer Toward artificial cells: Engineering synthetic membranes, organelles, gene circuits and communication
18.01.2019 Benoit Ladoux Benoit Ladoux Dynamics of Epithelial Cells during Collective Migration and Cell Extrusion
30.11.2018 Antoine Jégou Antoine Jégou Regulation of Actin Filaments Dynamics by Proteins and Mechanical Stress
23.11.2018 Bettina Schmid Bettina Schmid Modeling Neurodegeneration in Zebrafish
02.11.2018 Nikolas Hundt Nikolas Hundt Label-free Visualisation of Biomolecular Complex Formation using Interferometric Scattering mass Photometry
26.10.2018 William O. Hancock William O. Hancock Understanding Intracellular Transport from the Millisecond-scale Dynamics of Kinesin Motor Proteins
29.06.2018 Hervé Turlier Hervé Turlier Physics of early Embryo Morphogenesis
22.06.2018 Hongbin Li Hongbin Li Folding and Unfolding Mechanisms of Iron Sulfur Proteins Revealed by Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy
23.05.2018 Danny Porath Danny Porath Novel DNA-Based Molecules and their Charge Transport Properties --Abstract not available at present--
18.05.2018 Thomas Crouzier Thomas Crouzier Engineering Mucin Interactions
04.05.2018 Knut Drescher Knut Drescher Bacterial Collective Behaviours
13.04.2018 Huan-Xiang Zhou Huan-Xiang Zhou Rate Constants and Mechanisms of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins Binding to Structured Targets
02.02.2018 Henning Wackerhage Henning Wackerhage Studying the Mechanosensitive Hippo Signal Transduction Network in Skeletal Muscle, the Organ that Generates the Highest Forces
26.01.2018 Naoko Mizuno Naoko Mizuno Cell ShapeFformation Controlled by Cytoskeleton
19.01.2018 Martin Falcke Martin Falcke Mathematical Modelling of Lamellipodium Dynamics
12.01.2018 Guangshuo Ou Guangshuo Ou Microtubule-based Neuronal Transport in C. elegans Sensory Neurons
15.12.2017 Eva Schmid Eva Schmid Size-dependent Protein Sorting at Membrane Interfaces
27.10.2017 Alexandra Zidovska Alexandra Zidovska The "self-stirred" Genome: Bulk and Surface Dynamics of the Chromatin Globule
14.07.2017 Dieter Klopfenstein Dieter Klopfenstein Drebrin-like Protein DBN-1 is a Sarcomere Component that Stabilizes Actin Filaments during Muscle Contraction
07.07.2017 Markus Faendrich Markus Faendrich Amyloid Fibril Structure and Formation
23.06.2017 Thomas Iskratsch Thomas Iskratsch Investigating Cardiomyocyte Rigidity Sensing with Nanopillar Arrays
02.06.2017 Erwin Peterman Erwin Peterman A Single-Molecule View on Intracellular Transport in Living
19.05.2017 Alistair Hume Alistair Hume Rab27a co-ordinates actin-dependent long-range organelle transport by integrating the activity of motors and track assembly proteins
14.03.2017 Erika Holzbaur Erika Holzbaur Motor Neurons Require Motor Proteins: The Biophysics and Cell Biology of Molecular Motors in Neurons
27.01.2017 Jan Faix Jan Faix Dissecting the Roles of Formins in Cell Cortex Formation
20.01.2017 Oliver Thorn-Seshold Oliver Thorn-Seshold Photoswitchable Chemical Reagents for High-precision Spatiotemporal Control of living Organisms
13.01.2017 Sven van Teeffelen Sven van Teeffelen Regulation of Cell Shape in Bacteria
11.11.2016 Dirk Niessing Dirk Niessing Molecular Principles of mRNA Localization
21.10.2016 Michael Gotthardt Michael Gotthardt A Visual and Biomechanical Approach to Sarcomere Dynamics
15.07.2016 Gaia Pigino Gaia Pigino Microtubule geometry determines direction of traffic flow during ciliary transport
08.07.2016 Felix Mueller-Planitz Felix Mueller-Planitz The mechanism of ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling
01.07.2016 Wolfgang Losert Wolfgang Losert Physical Guidance of Cell Migration (abstract not available)
29.06.2016 Duncan G.G. McMillan Duncan G.G. McMillan Biophysical description of the Thermoalkali-philic Molecular Motor reveals a high torque implying an energetically conservative enzyme
17.06.2016 Gustav Oberdorfer Gustav Oberdorfer Parametric Design of alpha-helical Barrels and pore-like Assemblies with very high Thermodynamic Stabilities
10.06.2016 Ralf Moeller Ralf Moeller "Bacterial Micronauts" - Insights in the Space Resistance of Bacillus Subtilis
13.05.2016 David Haselbach David Haselbach Analyzing Conformational Dynamics of Proteins using Single Particle Cryo-EM
29.04.2016 Alexander Schug Alexander Schug Protein and RNA Structure Prediction through Co-Evolutionary Information
26.04.2016 Lyderic Bocquet Lyderic Bocquet Nanofluidic Transport in Individual Carbon an Boron Nitride Nanotubes
15.04.2016 Job Boeckhoven Job Boeckhoven Out-of-Equilibrium Self-assemby Approaches in Supramolecular Materials
08.04.2016 Jona Kayser Jona Kayser Drug Resistance Evolution in Spatially Structured Populations
29.01.2016 Thomas Wollert Thomas Wollert How to Make an Autophagosome-Membrane Remodeling in Autophagy
22.01.2016 Naoko Mizuno Naoko Mizuno Cryo-EM Structural Basis for Dynactin-p150 Binding to Microtubules and it's Implication for Microtubule Dynamics
15.01.2016 Akos Kovacs Akos Kovacs From Biofilm to Surface Spreading: How Bacteria Share the Matrix
08.01.2016 Lukas Kapitein Lukas Kapitein Navigating the Cytoskeleton: Novel Tools to Dissect and Direct Intracellular Transport
18.12.2015 Johannes Stigler Johannes Stigler Single Molecule Imaging of Cohesin-DNA Interactions on DNA curtains
04.12.2015 Albert van den Berg Albert van den Berg Labs, Cells and Organs on a Chip
20.11.2015 Carlo Camilloni Carlo Camilloni Integrative Dynamical Biology
13.11.2015 Julian Valero Moreno Julian Valero Moreno Dynamic and Functional DNA Nanotechnology: From the Design of an Artificial Rotatory Nanodevice towards Chimeric Nanoreactors Mimicking Enzymes
06.11.2015 Karl. E. Duderstadt Karl. E. Duderstadt Single replication machines at work: the coordination of daughter strand synthesis
23.10.2015 Filip Lankas Filip Lankas Structural mechanics of nucleic acids
16.10.2015 Frits Dannenberg Frits Dannenberg 1) Self-assembly pathways for DNA origami; 2) Predicting the dynamic behaviour of DNA computers
01.09.2015 Gregory A. Voth Gregory A. Voth Theory and Simulation of Biomolecular Systems: The Multiscale Challenge
10.07.2015 Helmut Schiessel Helmut Schiessel The mechanical genome
19.06.2015 Annalisa Pastore Annalisa Pastore Polyglutamine and Neurodegeneration
12.06.2015 Matthias Feige Matthias Feige Molecular Quality Control in the Cell: Structural Mechanisms, Cellular Pathways and Molecular Engineering
08.05.2015 Torsten Gloe Torsten Gloe Signals from the matrix: Are endothelial cells responding to changes in the matrix elasticity?
27.04.2015 Graham T. Johnson Graham T. Johnson Towards Whole Cells Modelled in 3D Molecular Detail and Community Curated with cellPACK
24.04.2015 Thorben Cordes Thorben Cordes Mechanisms of membrane transport: a single-molecule view
20.04.2015 Brian Janssen Brian Janssen Reversible blocking of antibodies using bivalent peptide-DNA locks
30.01.2015 Vladimir Gelfand Vladimir Gelfand Motors, microtubules and axonal growth
23.01.2015 Alistair Hume Alistair Hume How to move melanosomes: myosin-Va and dynamic actin oppose microtubules to drive long range organelle transport
16.01.2015 Olivia du Roure Olivia du Roure Mechanics of dense branched actin networks.
09.01.2015 Fabien Montel Fabien Montel Zero-Mode Waveguide Detection of Flow-Driven DNA Translocation through Nanopores
19.12.2014 Gerald Wiegand Gerald Wiegand From bench to bedside: Biomarker Entwicklung f√ľr die personalisierte Krebsbe-handlung
12.12.2014 Kathrin Lang Kathrin Lang Applications of an expanded genetic code ‚Äď novel methods for labeling proteins
28.11.2014 Thomas Misgeld Thomas Misgeld Visualizing the inner life of neurons: In vivo imaging of developing and diseased axons
21.11.2014 Jan Philipp Junker Jan Philipp Junker Genome-wide RNA tomography in the zebrafish embryo
14.11.2014 Wolfgang B. Fischer Wolfgang B. Fischer Virion Channel Proteins - self-assembly and ion dynamics
07.11.2014 Sanjay Kumar Sanjay Kumar Cells as smart materials: Quantitatively dissecting and rebuilding mechaniobiological units
31.10.2014 Kresten Lindorff-Larsen Kresten Lindorff-Larsen Protein folding and conformational dynamics by molecular simulations
10.10.2014 Megan T. Valentine Megan T. Valentine The Story of the End: New Insight into how EB1 Mechanically Regulates Growing Microtubules
24.09.2014 Justin E. Molloy Justin E. Molloy Magnetic and Optical Tweezers Studiess of Single Molecular Motors
16.10.2015 Frits Dannenberg Frits Dannenberg 1) Self-assembly pathways for DNA origami; 2) Predicting the dynamic behaviour of DNA computers
11.07.2014 Kurt Schmoller Kurt Schmoller How yeast cells can measure and control their own size
04.07.2014 Kinneret Keren Kinneret Keren Symmetry breaking in reconstituted actin cortices
27.06.2014 Ville Kaila Ville Kaila Computational Biocatalysis, Chemie Dept., TUM
06.06.2014 Erwin Peterman Erwin Peterman A single-molecule view on kine-sin motor-protein cooperation in intraflagellar transport in living C. elegans
30.05.2014 Eugen Kerkhoff Eugen Kerkhoff Dissection of Spir function: actin nucleation versus motor protein targeting
16.05.2014 Enrique De La Cruz Enrique De La Cruz How cells use chemistry and physics to break the bones that power their movement
09.05.2014 Ruxandra Dima Ruxandra Dima Large-scale Modeling of the Nanomechanics of Biomolecular Shells
02.05.2014 Jan Lipfert Jan Lipfert Single molecule torque and twist measurements probe the key players of the central dogma
11.04.2014 Tom Waigh Tom Waigh Microrheology of Complex Fluids
31.01.2014 Florian Rehfeldt Florian Rehfeldt Cell-Matrix-Mechanics Dictates Cell Fate via Cytoskeleton Structure
24.01.2014 Nicolas Joly Nicolas Joly Subunits organization and communication in an hexameric AAA+ ATPase involved in transcription regulation
17.01.2014 Reinhard Lipowsky Reinhard Lipowsky Multiscale Motility of Biomolecular Machines
10.01.2014 Ahmet Yildiz Ahmet Yildiz Single molecule analysis of cytoplasmic dynein motility
13.12.2013 Johannes Kaestner Johannes Kaestner Biochemical Simulations Using QM/MM Techniques
06.12.2013 Carl-Philipp Heisenberg Carl-Philipp Heisenberg Cell and Tissue Mechanics in Zebrafish Gastrulation
29.11.2013 Martin Lenz Martin Lenz Disordered Actomyosin Contracts in Unexpected Ways
22.11.2013 Michael Schlierf Michael Schlierf DNA Secondary Structure Formation in Bacterial Gene Capture Systems at Single-Molecule Resolution
08.11.2013 Matteo Castronovo Matteo Castronovo Steric Hindrance-Based, Digital Imprinting of RNA Recognition and Processing on a Self- Assembled, Nucleic Acid Matrix
25.10.2013 Robert Cross Robert Cross Direction-Reversal of a Kinesin-5 Driven by Molecular Crowding
18.10.2013 Michael Famulok Michael Famulok Nanostructures Based on Interlocked DNA Architectures
27.09.2013 Carsten Janke Carsten Janke Tubulin Posttranslational Modifications in as Regulators of Microtubule Functions
19.07.2013 Tanvir Shaikh Tanvir Shaikh Association of Ribosomal Subunits as Studied by Time-Resolved Cryo-Electron Microscopy
21.06.2013 Zvonimir Dogic Zvonimir Dogic Cluster Crystals and other Surprises in Flatland
14.06.2013 Esben Lorentzen Esben Lorentzen Structural Machanisms of Ciliary Assembly
07.06.2013 Gilbert Walker Gilbert Walker Hydrophobic Hydration of Single Polymer Chains and Protein Unfolding from Hydrophobic Interfaces
24.05.2013 J√ľrgen Bosch J√ľrgen Bosch The Plasmodium falciparum glideosome - a Novel Drug Target
17.05.2013 Marco Capitanio Marco Capitanio Ultrafast Force-Clamp Spectroscopy of Single Molecular Motors and DNA Binding Proteins
03.05.2013 Matthias Mayer Matthias Mayer Molecular Mechanism of Hsp70 and Hsp90 Chaperones
25.03.2013 James Sellers James Sellers All Class II Myosin are not Created Equal
15.02.2013 Dek Woolfson Dek Woolfson Programming and Controlling the Supramolecular Assembly of Peptides
08.02.2013 Thomas Lecuit Thomas Lecuit Cancelled
01.02.2013 Ard A. Louis Ard A. Louis "Coarse-grained Modelling of DNA for Biophysics and Nanotechnology"
25.01.2013 Andreas Zumbusch Andreas Zumbusch Ultrasensitive Linear and Non-linear Optical Microscopy
18.01.2013 Zev Bryant Zev Bryant Remote Control and High-resolution Measurement for Molecular Motors Research
11.01.2013 Marileen Dogteroom Marileen Dogteroom Deciphering Microtubule-Based Positioning Strategies in Vitro
21.12.2012 Dr. Karen Alim Dr. Karen Alim Optimizing Transport in the Vein Network of Physarum Polycephalum
14.12.2012 Dr. Petra Wendler Dr. Petra Wendler Trapping Molecular Machines on the Move Using Single Particle Cryo EM
07.12.2012 Prof. Pascal Martin Prof. Pascal Martin The Hair-Cell Bundle as a Sensory Antenna and Nonlinear Mechanical Amplifier for Hearing
30.11.2012 Prof. Ulrich Schwarz Prof. Ulrich Schwarz Stochastic Dynamics of Clusters of Biomolecular Bonds
23.11.2012 Andreas Zumbusch Andreas Zumbusch Talk is cancelled!! Ultrasensitive Linear and Non-linear Optical Microscopy
19.11.2012 Meni Wanunu Meni Wanunu Nanopores for Single-Molecule Analysis
15.11.2012 Tobias Langerhan Tobias Langerhan "Adhesion Class G Protein-Coupled Receptors - Natural Chimeras with Unknown Cell Biological Functions" Amalienstr 54 Seminarraum Gaub
09.11.2012 Björn Stuhrmann Björn Stuhrmann Dynamics of Active Matter
28.09.2012 Julien Tailleur Julien Tailleur Statistical Physics of Run-and-Tumble Bacteria and other Self-Propelled Particles
24.08.2012 Dr. Yongang Liu Dr. Yongang Liu "Lipid Membranes in Contact with Aqueous Polymer Solutions" by
24.07.2012 Taher Saif Taher Saif Emergence of synchrony in living systems through force interactions abstract not jet availible
17.07.2012 Jens Elgeti Jens Elgeti Modeling Active Matter, From Sperm to Tissue
13.07.2012 Nils Walter Nils Walter Single Molecule RNA Biology: Of Intracellular microRNAs and Molecular Nanorobots
05.07.2012 George Stan George Stan Computational Modeling of Unfolding and Translocation of Substrate Proteins by Ring-Shaped Biological Machines
05.07.2012 Ruxandra I. Dima Ruxandra I. Dima Multiscale Modeling of the Nanomechanics of Biomolecular Filaments
29.06.2012 Michael Boersch Michael Boersch Rotation and Twisting in FoF1-ATP Synthaseby Single-Molecule Three-Color Förster Resonance Energy Transfer
15.06.2012 Dario Anselmetti Dario Anselmetti "From Ratchets, Catch Bonds and Cardiomyopathies - Single Molecule Biophysics with Microfluidics, Nanopores and Piconewton Force Mechanics"
08.06.2012 Andreas Janshoff Andreas Janshoff Membrane Mechanics in the Context of Living Cells
01.06.2012 Christine Selhuber-Unkel Christine Selhuber-Unkel Investigating dynamic processes in Acanthamoebae
25.05.2012 David Brockwell David Brockwell Rapid Dissociation of the High Affinity E9:Im9 Complex Induced by a Force-Activated Trip Switch
18.05.2012 Nolan Holland Nolan Holland Engineering Better Proteins
11.05.2012 Zvonimir Dogic Zvonimir Dogic Order through Disorder: Entropy Driven Self-Assembly
02.05.2012 Christian Kaiser Christian Kaiser Protein Folding on the Ribosome: Pulling on Single Nascent Chains with Optical Tweezers
04.04.2012 Harald Ade Harald Ade Organic Devices: Insights Provided by Soft X-Ray Characterization Methods
17.02.2012 Nico van der Vegt Nico van der Vegt Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Ions in Aqueous Solution
09.02.2012 Gerard C. L. Wong Gerard C. L. Wong Soft matter Physics and Bacteria
27.01.2012 Stephan W. Grill Stephan W. Grill Intracellular Pattern Generation: Mechanics meets Biochemistry
20.01.2012 Karsten Kruse Karsten Kruse Spontaneous Actin Dynamics: Unimodal Length Distributions and Polymerization Waves
13.01.2012 Zvonimir Dogic Zvonimir Dogic From Isolatd Filaments and Filamentous Bundles to Active MT Gels
11.01.2012 Zvonimir Dogic Zvonimir Dogic Order through Disorder: Entropy Driven Self-Assembly
16.12.2011 Ciro Cecconi Ciro Cecconi Single-molecule folding pathways of an EF-hand calcium sensor protein and a four-helix bundle
08.12.2011 Melanie M√ľller Melanie M√ľller Abstract not available
25.11.2011 Mathias Gautel Mathias Gautel The Muscle Sarcomere in Mechanical Stress Sensing: Links to Muscle Protein Turnover Control
18.11.2011 Nynke Dekker Nynke Dekker Single-Molecule Torque Spectroscopy for Biophysical Investigations
11.11.2011 Andrew Carter Andrew Carter Structure of the Dynein Motor Domain
04.11.2011 Christioph Schmidt Christioph Schmidt Regulation and Control of Directionality of Mitotic Kinesin-5
28.10.2011 Robert Best Robert Best Interpreting Single Molecule Folding Experiments: Insights from Molecular Simulation
21.10.2011 Elke Deuerling Elke Deuerling Ribosome-associated Chaperones as Key Modulators of Protein Homeostasis
20.10.2011 Frauke Gräter Frauke Gräter A Molecular Force Sensor in Focal Adhesion
20.10.2011 Daniel Lietha Daniel Lietha Focal Adhesion Kinase: A Molecular Signalling Switch
13.10.2011 Jochen Reinstein Jochen Reinstein Protection and Reversion of Protein Aggregation - Mechanisms of Molecular Chaperones
07.10.2011 Wenke Zhang Wenke Zhang Single-molecule Force Spectroscopy Study of Polymer Interactions in Real Material and Biological Systems
13.09.2011 Douglas N. Robinson Douglas N. Robinson Mechanics of Cytokinesis an Cell-Division
13.09.2011 Timothy Springer Timothy Springer Biology and physics of von Willebrand factor concatamers
02.08.2011 Todd Squires Todd Squires Theory and Experiment of Nonlinear and Interfacial Microrheology
29.07.2011 Brian Freeman Brian Freeman Regulation of the Telomere Protein System
22.07.2011 Oliver Lange Oliver Lange Structure Determination fraom Sparse NMR Data with Rosetta
15.07.2011 Erik Schäffer Erik Schäffer Nanomechanics with Optical Tweezers: How Cellular Machines Recombine DNA and Work Against Protein Friction
12.07.2011 Thomas Surrey Thomas Surrey Motor Proteins in Microtubule Overlaps
08.07.2011 Edward Lemke Edward Lemke Single Molecule, Microfluidic and Genetically Encoded Chemical Tools to Study Protein Structure and Dynamics
17.06.2011 Michael Woodside Michael Woodside Force Spectroscopy of Folding and Misfolding in Single Biomolecules
10.06.2011 Ilka Axmann Ilka Axmann Cyanobacteria's Specific Features: A Circadian Clock and many Antisense RNAs Cyanobacteria's Specific Features: A Circadian Clock and many Antisense RNAs
30.05.2011 Veikko Linko Veikko Linko Towards DNA based Applications in Molecular Electronics
27.05.2011 Michael Groll Michael Groll Cancer, Diabetes, Malaria and Tuberculosis: New strategies of drug development
26.05.2011 Wolfgang Wagner Wolfgang Wagner How Myosin-Va Targets the Endoplasmic Reticulum Calcium-Store to the Dendritic Spines of Purkinje Neurons
13.05.2011 Steffen Massberg Steffen Massberg Cell-Cell interactions at the vascular interface
13.05.2011 Ed Bayer Ed Bayer Designer Cellulosomes
06.05.2011 Tobias Rasse Tobias Rasse Using Drosophila melanogaster to study the regulation of kinesin-based anterograde axonal transport in vivo
11.02.2011 Iva Tolic-Norrelykke Iva Tolic-Norrelykke Get your motors running: Sex, self-organization, and oscillations
04.02.2011 Ben Schuler Ben Schuler Protein Folding Dynamics from Single Molecule Spectroscopy
28.01.2011 Achillefs Kapanidis Achillefs Kapanidis Single-Molecule Flourescence Studies of Biomolecular Dynamics
21.01.2011 Damian Brunner Damian Brunner Exploring the Generation and Coordination of Forces Shaping the Drosophila Embryo
20.12.2010 Bettina Lechner Bettina Lechner How does MOR1 regulate microtubule-dynamics in Arabidopsis?
17.12.2010 Prof. Daniel Blair Prof. Daniel Blair Applying and Quantifying Forces in Soft Matter
10.12.2010 Ralf Seidel Ralf Seidel Magnetic Tweezers: From Single Enzyme Dynamics to Mechanics of DNA Origami
03.12.2010 Felix Campelo Felix Campelo Sculpting Membranes: A Mechanism of Membrane-curvature Generation by Proteins
26.11.2010 Joachim Spatz Joachim Spatz Induction and Analyzing of Cellular Responses by Nanoscopic Environments
12.11.2010 Erwin Petermann Erwin Petermann See me, feel me: combining optical tweezers and single-molecule fluorescence microscopy to unravel the biophysics of DNA
22.10.2010 Berenike Maier Berenike Maier Mechanism and Control of Bacterial Motors
14.09.2010 James R. Sellers James R. Sellers Walking with Myosin V
30.07.2010 Oliver Lieleg Oliver Lieleg Biological Hydrogels: Selective Filtering and Self-Mending
16.07.2010 Frank Noé Frank Noé Modeling Conformational Dynamics of Macromolecules from Simulations and Experiments
02.07.2010 Ron Rock Ron Rock Mechanics and Organization of Cell Motility Myosins
29.06.2010 Carsten Grashoff Carsten Grashoff Measuring Mechanical Tension Across Specific Proteins in Cells
10.06.2010 Ewa Paluch PhD Ewa Paluch PhD Blebs, Actin Cortex Mechanics and Shape Instabilities during Cytokinesis
27.05.2010 Felix Ritort Felix Ritort Thermodynamics and kinetics of folding in nucleic acids investigated by mechanically unzipping single DNA molecules
20.05.2010 David Böttiger David Böttiger Integrin: Mechanical and Biochemical Control of Cell Processes
06.05.2010 Stefan Diez Stefan Diez On the cooperativity of kinesin motors during cargo transport and directional microtubule sliding
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Isabella Guido
Biopolymers and motor proteins for biomimetic active systems
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Eric Dufresne
Growing Droplets in Cells and Gels
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Edouard Hannezo
Mechano-chemical Models of Epithelial Monolayers
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SFB Final Workshop 23./24. May 2022
This is our final workshop of the SFB 863 where we will discuss our recent scientific results. We look forward to meeting you after all the Corona lockdowns.
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